vex full screen

If you are looking for a game that will make your adrenaline rush, trying playing the Vex game series. Each installment will give you not only fun but also entertainment. Make the stick figure run, jump, swim, slide and even climb up as needed.

The concept of the game is to make the stick figure cross each level safely. You will have to get to the exit door of each level or Act. Levels in Vex games are called Acts. However, your journey is full of deadly obstacles. There are poisonous spikes, buzz saws, shooting laser guns, very high places to jump, and a lot more obstacles. You must not be caught in any of the obstacles along your way or else you will surely die. You must also be able to overcome problems and be able to continue till the end of each level.


From the first installment, the game developers improved every game they released. Aside from additional obstacles, they also added Act in each release. Vex 1 has eight Acts, vex 2 has nine and vex 3 has ten Acts and another nine Challenge Stages. And these three installments, obviously, vex 3 is the longest yet most enjoyable to play. All vex games starts with a Tutorial Stage where you will be familiarized with the controls of the game. You are also being introduced to the game itself.

Another improvement the game developer added is the Achievements room in vex 2 and the Trophies room in vex 3 which replaced the Achievements room. The Achievements room has twenty nine achievements for you to complete while the Trophies room has forty trophies for you to complete. Both of these did not exist yet in the first vex game.

Another mode to play in all vex games is the Stage Builder Mode. In this mode, you will design your own stage. In the first vex game, you have to play the game first to unlock building tools. In vex 2, there is a limited building tools you can use but if you play the game, you can unlock more building packs. In vex 3, you can start building stages right away because you have a ready building tool. Nevertheless, if you play the game, there are still tools you can unlock.

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