Take care of the passengers in Skywire 2

What do you think will happen if there ia no more flash games existing? The young kids will be bored because there is no more to play with. There will be less medium for relaxation or recreation time. That is the reason why game creators are doing their very best to produce worthy games to keep players alive and kicking in the gaming world. There is a flash game which tests an individual’s planning time as well as motor skills. That flash game is called Skywire 2. For individuals who are very curious about this game, this article is your aide. The objective of this game is to safely guide and transport passengers through obstacles until the safe line. You will be guiding a chairlift with three passengers in it.
If you touch an obstacle or fall, one passenger will be gone. If you have zero passengers, it means game over. Ne aware of the obstacles like flying birds, pandas and others and safely navigate the chairlift. Visit www.skywire3.com/skywire-2/ for more details about this game.

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