Play Slime Volleyball 2 with your friends

Did you play the first version of the series Slime Volleyball, called Slime Volleyball 1? Well, let’s enjoy now the 2nd part of this series and it’s called Slime Volleyball 2. It can be enjoyed by a single player and if you have some friends to join,call them to play with you. You can play with them choosing the 2 players option. Learn the keys or controls carefully, as the keys are different for player 1 and player 2.
Now, I am going to teach you the controls. Player 1 needs to use the A, W, and the D keys. A is used to move to the left side, A can be applied for jumping, and the D key is for moving to the right side. The player 2 has allotted the left arrow key, J, I, and the L keys.

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