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The Red Ball game series is one of the best adventure games you will find online. You will not be stressed as you play it. You do not need to think hard how to get through. You will simply make the Red Ball roll and jump and reach the end of the level.

In Red Ball 1, you will be taught how to make the Red Ball jump. You will need your keyboard in playing the game and use the arrow keys. You will also learn some tricks and how to get through some obstacles or course.


In Red Ball 2, a storyline was added to the adventure. The King Red Ball had lost his crown while he was strolling. He had looked around over and over yet he cannot find the crown. He was afraid his people will not recognize him as their king. So he sought your help to find the lost crown. Fall in love in Red Ball 3. Red Ball had found his love, Pink Ball. But while strolling happily together, a Black Ball knocked him down and snatched Pink Ball away. Help him get Pink Ball back and stop Black Ball’s evil intentions.

Red Ball 4 came in three parts. In the first part, a red ball turned into red square showed up. He also told Red Ball that there are other red balls held in captive and are being turned into red squares by an evil Black Square. Turning the world is also part of Black Square’s evil plans. Red Ball chose to be the hero. Help him rescue all the red balls and stop Black Square from his bad plans. Volume 2 is the continuation of Red Ball’s journey to the dreary factory. This time, he has to go through the dangerous forest. In Volume 3, also known as Red Ball 6, Red Ball had finally reached the gloomy factory. He will be facing a lot of obstacles he had never seen before.

Red Ball 5 diverted back to the simple Red Ball game. You will simply try to reach the exit door. As you go on your way, collect all the stars and some hidden objects too for a gold crowned level. Visit to play all Red Ball games.

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