Newer And Harder Flakboy 5

In the newest series of the Flakboy, be ready to play Flakoy 5.This game has become very famous and people are looking for more and more editions to come. So do try the fifth edition which is even more fun and enjoyment to have.

This flash game is browser based and can be played online like all others of the Flakboy series. Get ready to meet your friend the Flakboy who is ready to take another beating and he is more powerful than ever. Can he be destroyed this time with more power? In the Flakboy 5, the Flakboy can take more damage than all the other levels and it has become harder to destroy him. Get all the weapons in place and be ready to kill him. You must use everything you have got in order to finish the Flakboy 5. The weapons are there and the green line should always be in place.

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