Deliver the Package in Earn To Die 2012 Part 1

Are you familiar with Earn To Die 2012 Part 1? Do you what is this all about? You can have many guesses but to not put much pressure, this is a flash game that involves zombies and cars. Since zombies are getting more popularity more than ever, game creators are able to find ways to incorporate them in flash games like Earn To Die 2012 part 1. Obviously, this game is part of a series because you will notice the word “part 1” which means that there will be part two and more. To get more elaborations, continue skimming and scanning this whole content. This game has a story about the zombie apocalypse in a desert.
The player will have to play the role of a driver who has the responsibility to deliver a package in a safe zone. But doing this is not an easy task because there are hordes of zombies lurking. To eliminate them, the player can use three vehicles to smash and crush these creatures. At the beginning, the player will be given a simple sports car then a truck and a school bus which are available by upgrading the first vehicle. Take a look of the whole game process, just finish the website online and have fun.

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