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If you are looking for some adventure games, try playing Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt game, click to play. It is the fifth chapter of the Duck Life game series. Though, it is somehow different to play.

As you probably know, in the first four episodes of Duck Life games, you need to train your duckling in swimming, running, climbing and flying as a preparation in joining competitions, races and even world tournaments. In Duck Life 5, however, there is no more training to do. There are no more cups or trophies to win as well.

After the reigning of the Fire Duck has ended, the volcano remained inactive for some time. But stories have shattered that there are secreted treasures in the volcano’s cave. Tales have reached you together with the reports that hunters from different parts of the world are travelling to the said volcano cave to find the hidden treasure. Your interest was also captured and you travelled too to the volcano cave to search for the precious treasures. click to play.


There are a lot of improvements and variations made in the game. First, the racing game had changed to a full adventure game. Though, there is still a flavor of racing, the focus of the game is to find the treasures. There are now six shops available in this chapter. The Pet Shop where you can buy pets to help you in your adventure; the Jetpack shop where you can have jetpacks for your rapid journey; the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories; the Clothing Store and the Hairdresser shop where you can change the looks of your duckling; and the sixth store is the Witch Ducktor Shop where you can buy tools that you can use in collecting more coins as you travel inside the cave. Take note, almost every item in the said stores are somehow expensive.

There are accomplishments to complete in Duck Life 5. At the beginning stage of the game, you will see a window showing the challenges you are going to take. You will be awarded with higher scores if you complete all those challenges. When you visit the game’s fan site, you will see the game icon, click to play.

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