Be a heroic sniper in Mort The Sniper 2

Sniper games are about precise shooting using a sniper rifle. There are different flash games with this theme and creative minds add another skills or feature to make it more interesting. Mort The Sniper has come up with its second edition which is Mort The Sniper 2. This game will surely give you the virtual vibe of what a sniper do. With this game, you can also have the chance to be a heroic sniper who saves people and kills bad guys. The objective of the game Mort The Sniper 2 is still the same with the first one which is to eliminate bad guys to maintain the peace in the society.
The only thing new here is that there are more people to save and bad guys to kill which makes it tougher and more challenging. Use your rifle carefully in order to achieve your goal of saving kidnapped victims as well as killing the captors and kidnappers. Be the heroic sniper and save people’s lives and maintain peace in the city.

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