A combination game Doodle God 3

The 3rd installment of a series Doodle God, Doodle God 3 is ready, check it and visit http://www.doodlegod3.net which is one man player puzzle game that is developed by Joy Bits LTD. It’s created and published by the company to introduce it only for iPod, iPhone touch, but amazingly, it soon become enjoyable and playable on many platform including Adobe Flash, Windows, Windows 8, Samsung Bada, and Andriod. A very interesting and popular game it is, which comes with a lot of challenges for the expert player when it needs to make some new elements by applying several combinations. It’s counted in the top of puzzle games and comes with endless game options to enjoy and enter gaming fun.
You will need to use your strong brain to recognize that what and how this universe can contain. Find the combinations here and you have done almost.

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